Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Grammar and Punctuation Project

This is a quick run through of a short project I’ve already done this year.
The brief was to create a page for a book on the rules of punctuation. I was given the layout of the page and a punctuation mark and I had to come up with the imagery for the page and then use found text for the ‘function’ and ‘examples’ of the punctuation mark.
I was given ‘long dash’ (also known as em-dash). I used the idea of the em-dash being shown as an ‘m’ made out of em-dashes. I then developed the idea by thinking about the function of the em-dash, which is to add extra detail to a sentence, and thought about how I could incorporate this into my design. I used torn up newspaper to make my ‘m’ out of em-dashes, the newspaper and its text giving it the extra detail. I liked this and put it into Photoshop to tweak any mistakes.
I felt it needed something else though, so I used another earlier experiment as a sort of background. I faded it and duplicated it using Photoshop to get it right.

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