Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ohio State University Marching Band

For this next project I am making a broadsheet giving information on 'tools of the trade', the trade I'm looking at being 'Musician'.
For this I want to look at Marching Bands and Brass Bands, as I like the way they are very regimented.
I found this clip on YouTube and thought it was absolutely amazing how they all kept in time with one another.

Final page for Grammar and Punctuation Project

This is my final page for the book.
I'm pretty pleased with it as in the past I've struggled with time management and as this was a very short project I was a bit worried at the beginning, however, I finished this in plenty of time and feel that I've done a good job.

Grammar and Punctuation Project

This is a quick run through of a short project I’ve already done this year.
The brief was to create a page for a book on the rules of punctuation. I was given the layout of the page and a punctuation mark and I had to come up with the imagery for the page and then use found text for the ‘function’ and ‘examples’ of the punctuation mark.
I was given ‘long dash’ (also known as em-dash). I used the idea of the em-dash being shown as an ‘m’ made out of em-dashes. I then developed the idea by thinking about the function of the em-dash, which is to add extra detail to a sentence, and thought about how I could incorporate this into my design. I used torn up newspaper to make my ‘m’ out of em-dashes, the newspaper and its text giving it the extra detail. I liked this and put it into Photoshop to tweak any mistakes.
I felt it needed something else though, so I used another earlier experiment as a sort of background. I faded it and duplicated it using Photoshop to get it right.

Starting at the beginning...

I have to admit I’m not very good at this blogging malarkey. I prefer to stick my research and interesting stuff I find in a journal. I like to be able to flick through the pages rather than look at a screen, however, I feel after a year of having nothing on it, my blog page deserves a chance so here goes…

Last year, as a first year degree student, I feel I learnt so much and really started to get to know who I am as a person and as a Graphic Designer. From the projects I did, I found I really enjoyed printmaking and book making and binding. I also learnt a lot of new techniques on Photoshop, as I hadn’t used it very much before, and was able to apply all these new things to my work.

This year, as a second year student, I really want to put everything I learnt last year into practice and maybe start specialising in the areas I’m good at. More than anything I want to experiment with everything and anything. I want to find and use new materials to work with and really get myself involved in what I’m doing.